The Khomeiniist Regime’s foreign minister reopens his pack of lies during his NYC trip



The hashtagh #Zarifisaliar has been a constant refrain on Twitter for the past several years. However when the news of his trip to New York City, his old stomping ground, spread, Iranians doubled down on the tweets by creating new hashtags like #BanZarif

Zarif’s animated and hyperbolic manner has proven to be effective for his position as foreign minister of a regime that is for all intents and purposes, irredeemable. Liberal Western media and think tanks continue to promote Zarif by providing him a platform, while denying airtime to Iranians who have continued to provide proof and documentation of the Khomeiniist regime’s crimes against humanity, decade after decade. 

In recent months, while speaking in English to the international media, Javad Zarif has gone back to speaking in his old militant tone which reflects the real character of the regime in Tehran. During the Obama years however, he had softened his tone for Western public consumption and in order to appear more cultivated and cooperative. But while he affected those airs for non-Iranians, when speaking in Farsi, Zarif’s speech never wavered from the very doctrinaire and aggressive bluster. 

In all, Tehran’s tantrums and bravado against international pressure, should not be taken seriously; it is a characteristic game they play when cornered and need to manipulate the international community to stand down. And Zarif excels at this.