Hassan Rouhani’s open threat against the West




During second conference of Parliamentary heads, held in Tehran, on December 8th, Hassan Rouhani accused the United States of “economic terrorism,” and warned Western countries that “they will not be able to weaken Iran through sanctions.”

Rouhani who hosted Afghan, Pakistani, Turkish, Chinese and Russian parliamentary figures said: “the withdrawal from the United States and the re-enforcing of its sanctions and measures against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its trading partners is a clear example of economic terrorism.” He then made an open threat by adding: ” We do not expect Westerners to pay their share for the security and stability that we have provided them. But they should beware that by imposing sanctions on Iran, they impede our efforts to fight drug trafficking and terrorism. I warn those imposing the sanctions, that if our efforts against drug trafficking and terrorism in their homelands is impacted, you will not be able to get out from under the wreckage of illegal drugs, refugees, bombs and terror, intact. If Iran is weakened by sanctions, many will not be spared.” 

Most of the countries that came together with Iran at the Inter-Parliamentary Conference in Tehran are each under the pressure by the United States.


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