DEVELOPING : Khomeiniist Regime’s Military Parade Attacked by Unknown Gunmen + video

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Iran, Ahvaz – As the military parade got underway in the south western Iranian city of Ahvaz, a hail of shots rang out. Shooters are said to have been situated behind the stand where the regime’s officials were seated and are said to have been dressed in military gear, which blended them into the parade crowd.

Onlookers and civilians in the area who were not harmed but took cover by remaining on the ground, as the shooting went on. Hassan Rouhani who is said to have been present was immediately escorted out from the area.



The gunmen are said to have been targeting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) and were reportedly dressed in military gear, in order to blend in. Following several minutes of non-stop shooting, the shooters fled. The regime has announced that it will be hunting them down.  





BELOW: Speculation about the identity of the gunmen has begun, as Iranian journalist, analysts and activists report:

Several reports in international media, where various groups have taken responsibility, has been published. So far, none have been proven to have been behind the incident in Ahvaz.



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