Nikki Haley: It’s hard to find a conflict or terrorist groups in the region that does not have Iran’s ‘fingerprints’ all over it

Today, at the Anacostia-Bolling Joint Naval & Air Force Base warehouse, Southwest of Washington DC Ambassador Nikki Haley delivered remarks on Iran. Systematically laying out information and offering ‘concrete evidence’, Halley described “Iran’s ongoing destabilizing activities in the Middle East region and elsewhere in the world,” and as proof, provided declassified evidence all of which was stacked behind her.

She emphasized that the Trump administration has not just focused on Tehran’s nuclear program, but also on their ballistic missiles, arms exports, support for terrorists, proxy fighters and dictators. She said that it’s hard to find a conflict or terrorist groups in the region that does not have Iran’s ‘fingerprints’ all over it.

In response to the Islamic regime’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif’s NY Time Op-Ed, published earlier this week, where Zarif writes: “Iran has been misunderstood…and, Iran its partners labor to put out fires while the arsonists in our region grow more unhinged,” Haley aptly responded by saying: “The United Nations just released a new report that tells the opposite story; it tells the story of Iran as the arsonist. The report shows the Tehran regime not putting out fires, but fanning the flames of conflict in the region.”

Ambassador Haley quoted what she described as strongly worded points from the U.N. Secretary General’s 4th report, where there is ‘violation after violation of weapons transfers and ballistic missile activity…and that Iran is illegally providing the Houthi militants in Yemen, with dangerous weapons…evidence of missiles, conventional arms and explosive boats of Iranian origin, used in Yemen, all of which violates the U.N. resolutions.” The declassified material behind her was proof of such activities, gathered from partners in the region, specifically, a missile used to attack an international civilian airport in Riyadh. She added that such an attack could have very easily been carried out in any international airport and that the U.S.’s G20 allies have come to see this as an act that Tehran it’s militant IRGC are not only capable of, but would also carry out.

Pointing out the specific characteristics of the missiles and the Islamic regime’s Shahid Bagheri Industrial Group stamp on them, she explained that the made-in-Iran missiles were sent to Houthi rebels in Yemen, who then fired them at the Riyadh airport, with the intention of killing hundreds of innocent passengers travelling through. Among the items laid out behind her too were recovered fragments of weapons and short-range ballistic missile, anti-tank guided-missile, Kamikaze drones, Shark 33 ‘explosive boat’, all of which either had parts made in Iran or where entirely made there.

Calling the Khomeiniist regime out, by openly and correctly characterizing it as the worst actor in the region, has been one of the features of the Trump administration. From his initial comments about Iran, up until now, Trump and members of his cabinet have identified Tehran’s pattern of behavior and have effectively deconstructed all the angles it’s leaders play. Highlighting Tehran’s destabilizing behavior around the Middle East, pointing out its activities as instigator of unrest and sectarianism, as well as its multi-layered smoke and mirrors techniques, to both Iran’s EU business partners and various U.N. members who have refused to accept these realities, is something that previous administrations did not even consider undertaking.

Haley closed by saying: “Iran is determined to undermine the international consensus against its conduct. We must speak with one voice in exposing the regime for what it is – a threat to the peace and security of the entire world. We call on all nations to join us in a united front resisting this global threat.”

Throughout the decades, Iranians have time and again, provided proof that inciting violence in various parts of the Middle East and elsewhere has been the Khomeiniist regime’s indisputable signature. This pattern of behavior however has been an issue that many international leaders, governments and intelligence organizations around the world have willfully ignored, emboldening Tehran’s leaders to further expand their adventurism.