Khomeini’s big “nothing” is the Iranian people’s share from the Islamic revolution

By Zaman Feyli



Since the ominous inception of the Islamic regime in Iran, all of its rulers have hidden behind the “Iranian people” and exploited them as sacrificial lambs to achieve their objectives.

During the regime’s 40-year reign, people have always been excluded and cast as outsiders.

In order to cement their repressive governance along religious lines they relentlessly promoted a notion that they are chosen by God to rule Iran; mullahs have monopolized power and the people have to unquestionably obey them.

The Islamic regime has held elections more than any other regime, but none have brought on progress and real development. They use the election tool to preserve the “Islamic regime’s interests.”

The presidential, parliamentary and city council election are all held under the umbrella of regime’s mandatory procedures checked by numerous unelected bodies, those who want to gain a position must prove their loyalty to the regime and accept and defend the entire framework, otherwise they will not only be rejected and thrown out but will also labeled as foreign agents or anti revolutionaries.

The same process is applied even for a simple government desk job.

One of the most amazing aspects of the Islamic regime is their policy of exporting Islamic terrorism under the banner of “exporting the Islamic revolution.” Such brazen acts of terrorism are committed at the expense of ordinary Iranians who neither have a part in it, nor wish it to be carried out in Iran’s name.

The Khomeinist regime started the devastating war with Iraq which lasted eight years and claimed more than 900,000 Iranian lives; a war which Khomeini called “a great blessing” for the Iranian people, while the average Iranian had nothing to do with its perpetration or perpetuation. They massacred the dissenters in the shadow of war and by so doing increased the regime’s life span.

Mullahs control the security apparatus thus they control the media and warp the truth on a daily basis.

The statistics are disseminated and manipulated by the government and there are no independent bodies to oversee the process.

Every year more Iranians are classified as poor, while the regime uses them as scapegoats to avoid responsibility.

The regime’s officials excel at disorienting people through propaganda and creating chaos after chaos in order to distract them and prevent them from truth and knowing and demanding their rights.

They continue to claim that Iranians are free to express themselves, but in fact over time the Khomeinist regime has created an illusion of quasi-democratic legitimacy in what is otherwise a brutal theocratic dictatorship; this is how people from every walk of society including environmental and civil rights activists, journalists, teachers and even factory workers and so on, wind up in prisons, are tortured and even die under the brutality of the judiciary’s henchmen.

Most Iranians inside Iran have little reliable information about the events surrounding the income from the sale of oil or how those sums are spent, although they are aware that the regime spends the country’s resources and wealth to foment violence and chaos and create and maintain terrorist proxies and client regimes as far afield as Yemen and Argentina.

The Islamic regime’s meddling in Iraq which has resulted in killing and deaths of hundreds of Iraqi civilians and attacking the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia has created a climate of hatred against the Iranian people.

What is obvious is that the people of other countries perceive the malignancies of the regime, in the name of “Iran,” while the ordinary Iranians have no role in regime’s nefarious activities abroad.

In democratic countries which abide by the rule of law, people have a say in their country’s affairs and they express their demands through the voting process; now the question for the Islamic regime is that how do they allow themselves to create and fund terrorist entities in other countries without asking the Iranian people?

The Khomeinist authorities’ lack of concern for the citizens they claim to “govern” is manifested in its leadership’s hierarchy.

Ali Khamenei, the self-declared Supreme Leader who achieved his status after Khomeini’s death, more than thirty years ago, is above any and all law. He was chosen as a “temporary leader” by a regime’s powerful inner sanctum and over time he built his “absolute authority” on the loyalty of the Revolutionary Guards and radical clergy.

He has never been answerable to the Iranian people and in fact what can be perceived of the forty year old regime is that the share of people from the Islamic revolution is Khomeini’s “big nothing” as he answered a journalist’s question regarding his feelings after returning to Iran on board the Tehran bound Air France airplane.

After forty years Iranians are beginning to understand that they have been played. The huge majority of Iranians who live under the poverty line in the world’s forth oil richest country in the world, see the vast wealth amassed by the regime’s elite and they perceive a ravaged country that has been plundered by an absolutist system. Thus, they have reached a place where they need to find ways to bring down the regime and begin to live as normal people in a normal nation-state.

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