⨳Video: Friday Prayer leader of the city of Mash’had admits …

By The Free Iranian Staff


Following the drone attacks on the Aramco Petroleum facilities in Saudi Arabia, firebrand Mullah, Seyyed Ahmad Alamolhoda, Friday Prayer leader of the city of Mash’had was heard admitting: 
Today, Iran’s not just Iran, alone. Today, Iraq’s Hash al-Sha’abi is Iran. Hezbollah in Lebanon is Iran. Ansarollah in Yemen is Iran. National Defense Forces of Syria is Iran. Palestinian Islamic Jihad is Iran. Palestinian Hamas is Iran. These are all now Iran. Do you even know how to even view Iran and where it is? Isn’t Southern Lebanon, Iran?! Isn’t Hezbollah Iran? The drones that the Yemenis sent to decimate Saudi Arabia…wasn’t that all Iran? And they say, it came from the north, it came from the south…what’s the difference between the north and south? Your north AND your south is ALL Iran.