Iran’s Persistent Environmental Disaster

By The Free Iranian Staff


Between 40 and 50 Members of the Islamic Parliament (Majles) from the northern provinces of Gilan, Mazanderan, and Golestan are protesting against a new plan to redirect water from the Caspian Sea to Semnan province, in the center of Iran. The MPs are calling for the Minister of Energy to be impeached.

The dried up river bed of the once rapidly flowing and fresh Zayandeh Rood.

A group of members of the Majles during an open session today raised strong objections to a new plan for transferring Caspian Sea water to Semnan province. The MPs claim that the project will lead to a repeat of the Zayendeh Rood and Lake Urmia environmental disasters, in which over-irrigation and damming projects led to water sources going dry.

Kazem Delkhoush Abatari, Lahouti, Mollah Yousefian, Qasem Ahmadi Lashki, Ardeshir Nourian, Ghorbani and Nanvakenari were among the MPs protesting.

The MPs held signs reading “Caspian Sea water rerouting = environmental destruction,” “The nation will not allow the Caspian Sea to be destroyed,” “The President’s decision’s = the destruction of the Caspian,” “The Nation says No to the Caspian Sea Water Transfer,” “We demand the Minister of Energy be Impeached Immediately!”

According to recent reports, Isa Kalantari, head of the regime’s Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter last week to Reza Ardakanian, the Minister of Energy, agreeing with the Caspian Sea water transfer plan. Kolantari claimed that the project will be voluntary, not forced, and that environmental regulations would implemented after a month’s worth of hearings to determine what was required.

The MPs, and many Iranians, do not accept this explanation, and are calling for Minister of Energy to be impeached, and the plan scuttled, before another major water shortage is added to Iran’s already extreme water crisis.

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