Bahraini Foreign Minister: Qatar is preventing a crisis in Yemen

By The Free Iranian Staff


Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa on Friday, October 18, mentioned in a press interview that Qatar is an obstacle to withdrawing from the Yemen crisis.

“Qatar plays a role in trying to block the way for a solution in Yemen, and we are seeing it through its media positions.” the Bahraini foreign minister said in an interview with London-based media outlet Asharq Al Awsat. He added: “After holding important meetings in Jeddah, the approach of signing an agreement between the legal government and the separatists in southern Yemen, is a major step towards peace and stability in the country. Qatar’s role in Yemen will not succeed because ultimately, the Yemeni nation will vanquish over Qatar’s role and Iran’s meddling and all the other backers who have tried to create a divide between the Yemeni people.”

The Bahraini Foreign Minister also emphasized that Qatar has been an obstructionist on many issues, not only in Yemen, but also in Libya, Tunisia, the Persian Gulf States and Iraq, and everyone knows what I mean.

Seizure of weapons and explosives enough to destroy Manama

Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmad al-Khalifa went on to say that weapons and explosives sent by the Khomeinist regime to their proxy groups in Bahrain, had been seized by the Bahraini government, and there was enough to destroy half of Manama.

He said: “In terms of Iran, this is not important in my opinion, but it is important for Iran to send the right message, the message of peace and good neighborliness, and if that message does not come from Tehran, they themselves are the ones responsible.” He added: “Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have multilateral relations and it is neither conditional nor does it have anything to do with any stance. The two countries do not change bona fide affiliations, rather their process is of building bridges with the rest of the world.”

The Bahraini foreign minister also condemned the Turkish invasion of northern Syria and demanded respect for Syrian sovereignty and territory, saying: “Syria’s return to the Arab League depends on Syria and its alliance countries.”

Finally, he reiterated: “The diplomatic presence of Bahrain in Syria has not been cut off over the years. The Bahraini embassy was open but there were no diplomats. Local staff however were there. Now however, Manama has dispatched a chargé d’affaires to Damascus.”