Islamic Regime officials claim South Korea has suspended their export of pharmaceuticals to Iran

By The Free Iranian Staff


Iran’s Food and Drug Administration announced on Tuesday, October 15th, that South Korea has suspended its export of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to Iran, blaming it on U.S. sanctions.

Gholamhossein Mehralian, Director General of the Food and Drug Administration confirmed the news, calling it “inhumane.” He added: “Investigations reveal that the South Korean government has recently banned the export of drugs and raw materials to Iran. Despite the fact that Iran has foreign exchange resources in South Korea, South Korea has acted unethically in the face of cruel sanctions against Iran.”

“Despite Iran’s Forex resources in South Korea, the country has taken this non-humanitarian measure in the wake of the US sanction,” he said.

Despite continued reports about the non-inclusion of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs in the sanctions, the Khomeinist regime persists in making claims that such actions are being taken by not only the U.S. but also other countries.

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