Tehran begins construction on a second nuke reactor in Bushehr

By The Free Iranian Staff
File photo: Unit 1 at the Bushehr plant (Image: ASE)

Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for the regime’s Atomic Energy Organization, stated on October 15th that concrete pouring was due to begin at Bushehr’s second nuclear reactor in one month.

The regime had agreed on a deal with Russia, who had assisted in the building of the first Bushehr reactor, to construct a second one, in 2014. Planning work commenced the next year. The reactor is expected to take six years to build.

A third reactor is slated to start construction in 2021, and take eight years to be completed. Together, all three are supposed to produce 3,000MW of electricity. Nuclear fuel for all of them is supposed to be provided by Russia, with their waste transported there, as per a deal agreed to in 2005 to resolve international fears that the reactor could be used to produce a nuclear weapon.

Work on the first Bushehr reactor began in 1995. Supposed to take six years to construct, it wasn’t finished until 2010, and didn’t begin producing commercial electricity until 2013. There have been several reports of accidents at the reactor. Some Iranians have expressed worry about the Bushehr nuclear power program, due to both the location of Bushehr being near an earthquake fault zone, as well as the history of accidents resulting from faulty Russian technology.

Iran is one of two countries that hasn’t signed the 1994 Convention of Nuclear Safety. 

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