Iran’s Jewish community comes to the aid of flood victims



In the course of the flood that resulted from the dereliction of the Khomeiniist regime’s leaders, and lead to the deaths and injuries of hundreds, Iranians throughout Iran have come together to prove that in the absence of an efficient government, they can and will step in to take care of each other.  All those who could, have come to the aid of fellow compatriots who have suffered losses and were in need of aid.



Members of Shiraz’s Jewish community were also at the forefront of providing relief. Iran’s Jewish community, like other religious minorities, has experienced appalling abuse and persecution at the hands of the Islamic regime’s officials and their functionaries for the past 40 years. However, from providing medical treatment for injuries, to shelter and warm food, these Iranians opened their hearts and homes from the very first day that the floods tore through Shiraz.

Amir Doostan, Deputy Director of Shiraz’s Jewish Association.

Amir Doostan, Deputy Director of Shiraz’s Jewish Association said: “The Board of Directors of the Shiraz Jewish Association has prepared and provided and our Shalom Assembly Hall in Akbar-Abad (top photo), for the well-being of fellow Iranians who require shelter and aid until the flooding throughout Shiraz subsides.”