Zarif’s exit and reactions from around the web



Iran watchers were not shocked today, when Javad Zarif handed in his resignation; it was however, sudden. The Islamic regime’s foreign minister who has been under increasing pressure from within the regime’s ranks for ultimately losing every short-term gain, announced his abrupt exit by posting a peculiar ghostly image on his instagram, that reads: “With greetings on this, the day of Her Holiness Fatimah Zahra Salam Allah’Allah, Mother’s day and Women’s day (in Iran). I would like to thank the dear brave people of Iran and the officials for their graciousness over the passed 67 months. I apologize for my inability to continue my service and for any shortcomings or failure during my service. Be hale and hearty.” 


U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo tweeted:

Medea Benjamin, the leader of the ultra left-wing advocacy group, Code Pink, which has been receiving huge funding from the Khomeiniist regime over the last ten plus years, was visiting Tehran when Zarif announced his resignation. She wrote: “A delegation of U.S. peace activists in favor of diplomacy with Iran stand with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Monday just hours before he announced his resignation.”  Accompanying Benjamin was a group of Western activists who also actively support and cooperate with the regime in Tehran, seen below.

(Photo: CodePink)

Iranian analysts and activists on Twitter had much to say:

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