Protests, not showing any signs of abating as Iranians continue to rise against the Khomeiniist regime

TheFreeIranian Report


Wednesday, August 1st, saw a continuation of the nationwide protests from the day before in multiple cities of Iran, the largest and most notable being in Isfahan’s Shapour e Jadid district. While the regime’s security forces also continued to violently disperse the crowds, protesters fought back and created barricades. In some cases, they attacked policemen and their vehicles. The slogans being chanted go beyond basic necessities of life issues and are directly calling for the Khomeiniist regime’s fall.


Short video of people setting tires on fire in Esfahan’s Shahpour e Jadid district and chanting “Khamenei, shame on you, get out of the country!” 

The scale and organization of these protests has led diaspora activists to speculate on whether there is a clandestine opposition leadership inside the country directing the street movements.

Meanwhile, regime intelligence services spread disinformation to discourage protest




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