Electronic billboards in Iran being hacked by activists, delivering anti-regime messages


June 7, 2018

Protest in Iran, continue and now hackers also stepped up their anti-regime activities. The group with the designation “The Beating Pulse” (Tapandegone) claimed responsibility for both the May 24th Mash’had airport hacking, as well as the most recent one on June 6th, in Tabriz, the second such incident in two weeks.

Mash’had airport billboard hacked on May 24th, by activists calling for continued protests, with #GeneralProtests .

News of the hacking went viral on social media within minutes as photos of the billboards were widely shared. Many who did post the info on social media however were not surprisingly published under pseudonyms given the Khomeiniist regime’s anticipated clampdowns.

The billboards in the Tabriz Airport, hacked by Tapandegone, on June 6h.

The Tabriz airport billboards, hacked on June 6th, had a short manifesto that read:

Attention, Attention

We are the group “The Beating Pulse” (Tapandegone) who have currently taken control of the airport’s monitors in an act of protest.

Sisters and Brothers, five months have passed and the Revolutionary Guards continue to take Iranian lives and plunder our national assets in order waste it, spending in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria for their dark deeds.

Till when?!

They will no longer suppress our voices! We will join the decent people of (the town of) Kazeroun. This is just the beginning of our actions! If you agree with us take a photo (of this billboard) and share it.


In recent years hacktivists have stepped up their efforts in taking control of billboards in Iran.

In both cities airport officials and employees scrambled to turn off the billboards.
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