Protests in Abadan Over the Water Crisis

TheFreeIranian Report

Residents of the Province of Khuzestan protest severe water shortage, chanting for the governor to “get lost.”

"Khuzestan has died. We are of the earth & we return to the earth."
“Khuzestan has died. We are of the earth & we return to the earth.”

As the water shortage across Iran continues, due to the Khomeinist regime’s perpetual mismanagement, the high salt content, severe rationing, and the onerous waiting times to buy water in Abadan, in Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzestan, have angered the people who are out in the streets daily protesting against the province’s derelict governor and the water and power company. They are especially angered by the fact the regime is still selling water to neighboring Iraq as they suffer. To be noted is the repeated refrain from other recent protests where the people have said, “our enemy is not in America, our enemy is here.”

Below: Protesters chant: “Our enemy’s right here, they lie when they say it’s America!”

Below: Locals, desperate for water, line up by a tanker carrying water, in the 50º Celsius temperatures just to fill up their plastic containers with a meager amounts for their families.


Residents of the Province of Khuzestan cue up in the city of Abadan at 11 pm for water.
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