A protest that was suppressed by tanks and heavy weapons

The Free Iranian Exclusive

A report by an unarmed Iranian

Hi, I am from Mahshahr- and as you know, Mahshahr has the highest number of casualties after Kermanshah in recent protests. I don’t know how much you know about Mahshahr; Mahshahr has over 20 petrochemical companies and is one of Iran’s and the Middle East’s petrochemical hubs. also Bandar-e-Emam in Mahshahr is one of Iran’s largest ports for oil exports and due to Mahshahr’s location between Zahreh and Jarahi rivers, it is an important city in agriculture and fishing industries among other cities of Khuzestan province. The largest gas, gas oil, etc containers are located within residential areas in Mahshahr. The city has the largest population after Ahwaz;
There are poor townships in this city which house the poor workers and their families, they include: Chamran town(Jarahi), Taleghani township (Zanjir), Madani township and Gama village. The crime rate is very high in these areas because of joblessness and poverty. In Gama village which is located near the petrochemical companies, the people even don’t have bathrooms in their homes.
I want to tell you that the residents of Mahshahr and its townships didn’t even set fire to a single bank ( Mahshahr was the only city in which no bank was set on fire in the latest protests), not one shop was vandalized, what people did was shutting the roads and closing the routes to the petrochemical companies and Bandar-e-Emam by burning tyres and stopping some trucks on the road.
Now, what do you think happened?
By the order of the provincial governor, IRGC, dispatched a team of commandos with two tanks and six APCs(Armored Personnel Carriers) , heavy weapons and gunships. As they entered the city, they fired on people, not with AK47, but with heavy machine guns and gunships. They even fired on the people who were at their homes and didn’t participate in the protests.
In the first hour, they killed 17 people including two 4 and 8 year old kids and an old woman by direct fire.
The accurate number of the people who were killed by IRGC forces is still not available, because young protesters escaped to the canebrakes and IRGC forces fired on them indiscriminately. The hospitals rejected the wounded at the behest of IRGC, in the evening of the same day, IRGC forces entered Rajaee township and Gama village and killed many people.
Most of the residents of the townships are consisted of Arab tribes of Khuzestan and most of them are armed, so IRGC forces, deliberately instigated the violence. The fight spread to Taleghani (Koureh) township and people fired back. The fight continued from 6 PM on Tuesday to 1 AM on Wednesday. IRGC entered the town by tanks but they faced resistance from people and they took a lot of casualties.
The fire fight stopped through meddling by elders and Sheikhs of the region, and Taleghani township was barricaded. IRGC continued to arrest the young people; The area is calm for now, but it can’t be said for sure.the human catastrophe that happened there is not noticed by anyone. Many people think that people set fire to the banks, but not a single person was hurt in the banks.
The people of Mahshahr were crushed because they threatened the regime’s lifeblood. In no other city they did what they did to Mahshahr. The Iranian people don’t have the right to protest, but the people of Mahshahr don’t even have the right to protest as much as other Iranians.




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