UN experts: Houthis’ weapons are similar to Iran

Source: AVAToday


Similar weapons to those manufactured in Iran are in the hand of pro-Iranian Shiite militias of Houthis in Yemen, UN experts announced in a report to the Security Council.

The new evidence is indication of a potential violation of an UN arms embargo imposed on Tehran.

According to the report, which obtained by Associated Press on Friday, Houthis weapons share some technical characteristics with arm manufactured in Iran.

The experts explained that the smuggling route “seems to run overland from Oman and the southern coast of Yemen, through territory controlled by the government of Yemen, towards Sanaa,” which is under the control of Iran-backed Houthis.

The report has also indicated that sea transport also “continues to play a role” in the arms shipments.

Iran is highly criticized for its constant military and financial supports of armed militias in the Middle East, increasing instability in the region.

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