Third Round of Teachers Sit-In Strike Across Iran



The Coordinating Council of Educators’ Trade Unions has called upon teachers all throughout Iran to remain on strike, in order for their union’s demands to be met. This is the third time that they have conducted sit-in strikes during the current school year; though they have also continually protested since the summer of 2018.

The Coordinating Council of Educators’ Trade Unions on February 25th issued a statement to teachers across Iran calling on them to not work and sit in their classrooms as a protest.

According to reports on social media, and those that have appeared on regime media, teachers since March 3rd have been sitting down in protest across various Iranian provinces, both inside classrooms, and outside their schools.

The Coordinating Council of Educators’ Trade Unions announced that teachers, by not teaching on March 3rd, 4th, and 5th, will use “all possible methods” to inform students and parents about their demands.

The teachers, in their third round of protests during this school year, have written and chanted slogans such as “free imprisoned teachers,” “quality education,” “a fair budget,” “stop prosecuting union activists,” “stop taking away teachers rights,” “eliminate discrimination,” “we want comprehensive health insurance,” “bring justice to education,” and “equal salaries for all pensioners.”

Below: Teachers chant: Forty springs have come and gone, but our spring has yet to come.”