The Khomeiniist regime continues the arbitrary arrests and detention of women’s rights activists

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According to the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Rights Prisoners, Maryam Azad, women’s rights activist and gender equality activist from Shiraz, was arrested on Tuesday, September 25th, in Tehran’s airport, while boarding a flight to Turkey. She has since been held without charge and detained in an unknown location.

One of Ms. Azad’s relatives said that she was arrested, for no reason or charge, by security forces after passing through the gate at the airport, where she was boarding a plane to Istanbul. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Maryam was ill and was under strict medical care.

Maryam Azad

Maryam, 31, is a graduate of school of dramatic arts. Acting has been her passion, but due to illness she has been unable to pursue it professionally.

Earlier, three women’s rights activists, namely Hodda Amid, Najmeh Vahedi and Rezvaneh Mohammadi were detained for unknown reasons and have not only been denied visits or contact with their family members, but also prohibited from seeking their own legal representation or lawyers.

Hodda Amid (left), Najmeh Vahedi (center), Rezvaneh Mohammadi (right).

According to Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Rights Prisoners, Najmeh Vahedi, a sociologist and graduate student in the field of women’s studies, and Hodda Amid, a lawyer and women’s rights activist, were detained on September 1st, by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Arrested in Tehran and are being detained at Evin prison’s ward 2A which is overseen by the IRGC. Rezvaneh Mohammadi, a student of gender studies, was also arrested on September 3rd.

Up until now, the reasons for their arbitrary detention and charges against the three are unclear, and all three are being denied access to legal counsel.

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