The Khomeinist regime’s brutal treatment of Sunni Muslim prisoners of conscience



The families of Hafez Tohid Qureishi and Hamzeh Darvish, two Sunni prisoners of conscience are extremely concerned as the regime has refused to allow any contact between them. Both men are being unlawfully detained at Tehran suburb, Karaj’s notorious Rajai-Shahr Prison in solitary confinement.

According to the independent Human Rights Activists News Agency, Hafez Tohid Qureishi, the prayer leader of a mosque in the village of Talesh-Shahr, has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment. The same court report shows that the prisoner was first sentenced to 10 years imprisonment but during the appeal process, the sentence was reduced to seven year. The exact charges against Qureishi remain unclear the Khomeiniist judiciary has sentenced him on charges of “propaganda and religious activities”.

Tehran’s judiciary has claimed that the two men are involved with ISIL.

Prison contacts informed human rights activists,  that on Wednesday afternoon February 6th, the two men who were placed in a cold solitary confinement without clothes, had been severely beaten by batons, their bodies bruised. On Monday, February 11, Qureishi and Darvish who were both on hunger strike, were attacked and brutally beaten again by prison guards. 

According to the same sources, both Qureishi nor Darvish have been refused medical care for their severe injuries and have not been taken to the prison infirmary. 

Tehran suburb, Karaj’s notorious Rajai-Shahr Prison
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