No Zarif, Iran’s Islamic Regime DID NOT Save the Jews Three Times!

By Karmel Melamed

The Iranian regime’s current Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif is a habitual and denigrate liar during all of his interviews with western media. Perhaps one of his biggest and most common lies is when he is asked about his evil regime’s anti-Semitic nature and he goes into immediate damage control mode for his ayatollah paymasters by replying  “no, Iran saved the Jews three times in its history”. During his interviews with U.S. and European news media, Zarif shamefully tries to spin history in favor of the radical and brutal Islamic regime in Iran by trying to take credit for the ancient Persian king Cyrus who freed the Jews from Babylonian captivity, the benevolent Persian king Xerxes I, who prevented a genocide of the Jews in the book of Esther and for Abdol Hussein Sardari, an Iranian diplomat based in Nazi-occupied France who saved Jews during World War II. To any obvious person with half a brain, these instances of the Jews being “saved” by Iranians during World War II or by ancient Persian kings has absolutely nothing to do with the current radical Jew-hating Islamic regime in Iran today. Yet all of the western reporters who interview Zarif repeatedly fail to call him out for his simply ridiculous attempts to do public relations damage control for his anti-Semitic bosses in Iran.

What is truly absurd and ridiculous about Zarif’s claims of “Iran saving the Jews three times” is that his Islamic regime since 1979 has done everything in its power to distance themselves from the ancient Zoroastrian Persian Empire and also from the activities of the previous Pahlavi dynasty. It is no doubt hilarious and at the same time sad to see Zarif rushing to take credit for the past good deeds of two dynasties from Iran’s past that his regime totally abhors! Examining these past incidents in which the Jews were indeed saved by other Persians and NOT by the Iranian regime is appropriate to properly debunk Zarif’s truly idiotic statement.


The Ancient Achaemenid Empire

The current radical Islamic regime in Iran which Zarif proudly serves under for the last 40 years has been attempting to erase Iran’s ancient history and heritage which had tolerant Zoroastrian rulers. The last thing the Iranian ayatollahs who are ruling Iran today with an iron fist want is a non-Islamic competing image “polluting” the minds of the masses and undermining their radical Shiite Islamic ideology. And in past years the regime’s ruling clerics have tried to outlaw or stop people in Iran from celebrating the cultural and very popular Persian new year of “No Ruz” which it has ruled to be “un-Islamic” since it has “Zoroastrian origins”. These attempts by the ayatollahs and their thugs have all been met with fierce anger and rejection by the Iranian masses who for centuries have enjoyed celebrating No Ruz, a largely secular holiday that welcomes the Spring season with a message of peace and brotherhood. Moreover the regime’s hate for the ancient Achaemenid kings of Iran has been so great that they have frequently sought to ban average Iranians from making visits to the site where it is believed Cyrus the Great is buried. Moreover the regime for the last 40 years has removed the names of many streets and other public areas with the names of the Achaemenid kings such as Cyrus or Darius. The public education of the ancient Achaemenid kings have either been removed or greatly reduced by the Iranian regime because they see this ancient history of Iran as a threat to their legitimate rule of the country under radical Islamic totalitarian conditions. Cyrus the Great and the other Achaemenid kings have been beloved not only by Iranians for centuries, but also by countless people living in the ancient Persian empire due to their religious tolerance and strong support for human rights. The current Islamic regime rules Iran today by sheer brutal force, cohesion, random arrests, frequent imprisonments and daily executions which are in no way close to the actions of the ancient Achaemenid kings. These facts again leave one wondering how on earth western journalists have failed horribly to call out Zarif for seeking to have his radical Islamic regime take credit for something they have nothing to do with and have repeatedly rejected for four decades!


Abdol Hussein Sardari

During World War II, the Consul General of Iran in the area of Nazi controlled France was a man by the name of Abdol Hussein Sardari. From 1940 to 1944, Sardari helped exempt Iranian Jews and other Central Asian Jews living in German-occupied France from anti-Jewish measures decreed by French and Nazi authorities. He likewise issued thousands of Iranian passports to other European Jews who feared for their lives and were seeking to escape the Nazis in France. The actions Sardari took to save Jews from Nazi persecution and genocide were indeed noble, but he took these actions of his own free will and not under any government direction to do so. Besides, Sardari was a civil servant working for the government of the late Shah. As a result of his ties to the previous Shah’s regime, the current Islamic regime of the ayatollahs who came to power in 1979 rejected Sardari and anyone else who worked in the previous Shah’s regime as “infidels”. So it is downright absurd that all of sudden Zarif now wants to claim Sardari as one of his own when Sardari had totally no connection whatsoever to the radical Islamic regime which Zarif proudly serves in today. It is therefore obvious to anyone with half a brain that the historic good deeds of Sardari belonged to Sardari alone and no other government or regime.


In the end, if western reporters had any kind of backbone or journalistic integrity, they would challenge Zarif on his absurd attempts to paint his demonic anti-Semitic Islamic regime as one that “saved the Jews three times”. Anyone can clearly see that the current Iranian regime never saved the Jews of Iran or any other Jews for that matter during the last 40 years! If anything this radical Islamic regime in Iran has formally executed two dozen Jews, randomly arrested and imprisoned thousands of other Jews, confiscated billions of dollars in Jewish assets and forced into exile the vast majority of Iran’s Jews who now live in America, Europe and Israel. Moreover, the thugs who run the radical Islamic regime in Iran today, not only repeatedly deny the existence of the Nazi genocide of six million Jews, but they also repeatedly call for a genocide of the people living in the only Jewish state. The benevolence of the ancient Achaemenid kings of Persia towards the Jews were amazing and so were the good deeds of Sardari in saving thousands of Jews from Nazi tyranny during World War II. But these incidents have absolutely nothing to do with the current Islamic regime in Iran and as a result Zarif must be called out for his ridiculous lies when trying to sugarcoat his otherwise evil totalitarian regime.

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