At least eight prisoners were executed within a week, in Iran

By The Free Iranian Staff
execution in Daneshjoo Park
A member of the public, present at the execution in Daneshjoo Park in Rasht, films the hanging.

From Tuesday, October 1st until Sunday October 6th, at least eight prisoners sentenced to death on charges of homicide, possession and distribution of narcotics and combating against God through armed robbery, were executed in the northern Iranian city of Rasht, Rajai-Shahr Prison of Karaj, the Central Kerman Prison and the Sanandaj Central Prison.

According to a report released by the Human Rights Organization of Iran, on Tuesday morning, October 1st, a prisoner was executed in the central prison of Sanandaj. Razgaar Zandi, 24, was identified as of the inmate convicted of homicide and his execution was demanded by the victim’s family in retaliation. Civil society activists and opponents of execution in Sanandaj had made many efforts, unsuccessfully, to persuade the victim’s family to agree to reconsider the execution sentence against Zandi.

According to the Islamic Regime’s State news agency, on Wednesday morning, October 2nd, a prisoner was publicly executed by a crane in Rasht’s Daneshjoo Park. The identity of the prisoner who was sentenced to death on charges of “homicide of a disciplinary force agent” has not been announced.

Earlier, the website of Martyrs of Naja (Disciplinary Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran) announced published a news item that was later removed from the website that the prisoner would have been carried out on Thursday, October 3rd. However due to a lack of coordination between members of the prisons department and the judiciary the sentence was carried out before the scheduled date.

The executed person was accused of killing an agent of the Khomeinist regime’s disciplinary forces with a knife, in self-defense during a melee in 2018. Media reports inside Iran indicate that the man had been drinking.

According to photos released by the Diar Mirza news website, there was a large crowd at the scene of the execution, including at least one young child. The child witnessed the execution from a pedestrian bridge. According to a video released by the Rakna website, attendees were often screaming “pardon him, pardon him” at the scene before the sentence was carried out.

The Human Rights Organization also reported that at least four prisoners were executed in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj on Wednesday morning, October 2nd. Two of the men, Hossein Roshan and Mohsen Konani, were sentenced to death on charges of “being combatants against God through armed robbery.” The other two Mohammad Reza Ghanbari and Hamid Sheikh were executed for homicide.

In another report, quoting the Baluchi activists’ campaign and the Iranian Human Rights Organization, on Sunday morning, October 6th, two prisoners Abdul Hakim Shah Bakhsh and Asadullah Alizehi who sentenced to death on drug charges, were executed in Kerman Central Prison.

Habibullah Sarbazi, a Baluchi civil rights activist, told Iran Human Rights Watch: “Assadullah Alizehi was previously a political prisoner, a student and a member of the Association of Student Voices for Justice, led by Yaqub Mehrnahad. The movement was dissolved, its leaders arrested. He was among those arrested. Later, under the pressures of life, he lost his way. He had a degree in geography whose life circumstances got worse. This goes to show the severity of discrimination and pressure in Baluchistan. “

Prior to the verdict, the Baloch activists’ campaign had announced the transfer of the two prisoners to solitary confinement, accusing them of “drug trafficking and clashes with agents”.

Apart from the public execution in Rasht’s Daneshjoo Park, none of the other executions have yet been confirmed by the official Islamic Republic News Agency.

According to Amnesty International’s report last year, 253 executions took place in Iran, which makes up for more than a third of all executions registered in the world.

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