VOA Persian Broadcasts a Powerful Message from an Iranian Regular Army Officer to the People of Iran



The rivalry between Iran’s regular army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which began as far back as the early days of the Khomeiniist takeover of Iran, has not only never abated, it grows fiercer by the day. 

In recent months, with the regime’s steady decline and the open hatred of the Iranian people for the Shi’a regime, the regular army has begun to communicate its refusal to collaborate with the regime against Iranian protesters and those who are calling for regime change. 

On Friday, May 17th, The Last Page, a show on Voice of America’s Persian Network News (PNN) which is accessed by millions of Iranians inside Iran, via satellite, broadcast a verified recording from an Iranian regular army officer who issued a warning for the Islamic regime’s officials and statement of support for the people of Iran. The officer’s name was withheld and his voice was changed for his safety. Here’s what he had to say: 



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