The French Jimmy Carter rubs salt into the Iranian people’s wounds

By Zaman Feyli
French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech at the opening session of the Paris Peace Forum as part of the commemoration ceremony for Armistice Day, 100 years after the end of the First World War, in Paris, France, November 11, 2018. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes/Pool

Forty years ago, when the Air France jet with Khomeini on board landed in Tehran, nobody believed that the French government would support and then send the godfather of terrorism, to Iran.

Iran, before the Islamist takeover, was, as Jimmy Carter himself described it: “An island of stability in one of the most troubled areas of the world and Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi a popular king among Iranians.” So, the fall of the Shah’s government suddenly plunged not only Iran, but the region into a situation that shocked the world.

The internal and external supporters of Khomeinism who chanted empty slogans and turned pens into weapons, started an inferno which still burns after four decades. Khomeini’s radical henchmen had made it their mission to export their and install their mafia’s brand of terrorism and rule.

The Iranian regime has been in a state of self-declared war against the West since it seized power in 1979. With its terrorism reaching far beyond Iran’s borders, into Europe and as far as South America, the European governments cannot seem to help themselves but to persist with the appeasement of the mullahs.

European countries in general have maintained a toothless, paradoxical and nonplussed policy vis-à-vis Tehran. They habitually cover up crimes committed by the Islamic regime, even against their own citizens. Ignoring gross violations of international norms, they smile for the cameras and nervously extend a hand to authorities who bully and intimidate them, when in fact their actual policy should be hold them accountable for those very principles.

Javad Zarif’s desperate and continuous trips to Europe portends the Islamic regime’s demise. Taking great pains at the behest of Tehran’s leaders to persuade European governments, he continues to play their intermediary between Iran and the United States in hopes of selling 700,000 barrels of oil per day.

During Zarif’s recent trip to Sweden, Iranian opposition groups who protested his presence in Stockholm, were viciously beaten by Swedish police. These actions communicate a lack of commitment on the part of Europeans, in persuading the mullahs to embrace democratic values, despite the fact that for four decades the Islamic regime’s extremism has seriously affected Europeans.

In 2017, the Swedish prime minister Kjell Stefan Löfven led a delegation to Iran that included 15 people, 11 of whom were feminist women. Those ladies, fully aware of the gender apartheid in Khomeinist Iran, chose to go to Iran and wear the hijabs despite their own feminist positions.

As of last week, in the G7 Summit in Biarritz, French President Emmanuel Macron, whose policies led to the anti-government protests by the “yellow vests,” bent over backwards to accommodate the Islamic regime, by receiving Javad Zarif on the margins of that event. Macron seems to believe that short term trade deals with Iran will help in mending the France’s failing economy.

Iranian political pundits have always admired Western values and cherish them as methods for modernism. However, contradictorily, attempts by Emmanuel Macron in supporting the Islamic regime changes the Iranian people’s overall perspective of France and undermines the Western values.

Macron and other European leaders should consider the fact that the freedom and democracy must not be confined to empty slogans and if they really care about this matter, they must regard those rights as universal and not just exclusive to Westerners.

In the mind of the Khomeinist leaders, by neglecting the basic rights of the Iranian people, the French president puts himself on par with and equates himself to them, rubbing salt into the wound that Jimmy Carter created by supporting Khomeinism.

The Iranian people don’t deserve the Islamic regime and have continually refused any accommodation of and support for the Islamic terrorist leaders. Yet the Macron and the French government do accept and accommodate them, thereby putting greed over their lofty principles.

Every day that goes by, the Iranian people suffer under the Islamic regime, but it is not only about the Iranian people, the appeasement of the Islamic regime endangers national security in Europe and the European leaders’ continual support for the Islamic regime will be etched on the collective memory of the Iranian people as unabashed hypocrisy.

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