DAILY UPDATED: Severe downpours flood Iranian cities, including Shiraz, Esfahan and many more


We are bringing you daily updates on the situation of the devastating floods that is tearing throughout Iran. Please peruse the first report from the weekend floods, in northeastern Iran, here

Map of Iran with the provinces

Monday, March 25th


Today, following the weekend floods in northeastern Iran, the beloved historical city of Shiraz is experiencing the worst flood in memory. According to reports dozens are killed and many injured. Extensive damage to this city is as of yet unknown. 

As if that was not enough, the mayor of Shiraz, like the governor of the province of Golestan of northeastern Iran,  was also absent and despite weekend weather warnings, not a single area was prepared to deal with the crisis that is now gripping half of the country.

The public prosecutor of Shiraz admitted that the deaths and injuries of a number of fellow citizens in the flood of Shiraz were due to the negligence of the regional officials and admitted that the mayor is not currently in Shiraz.


Shiraz’s Darvaazeh Qor’an neighborhood

The devastating flood today swept some parts of the west and south of Iran, especially Shiraz. The unprecedented flood in Shiraz took hundreds of cars at the Darvaazeh Qur’an (Qur’an Gates) area of the city. Due to heavy rainfall and flooding, the entrance to the north of Shiraz have been blocked.

According to witnesses, people were going about their business when the flood rushed in, taking everyone off guard, sweeping up cars along with its occupant. The historic Vakeel Bazaar in Shiraz is also under water.


In the southwestern province of Khuzestan, which has been suffering through some of the most devastating droughts and dust storms, is also being flooded, as the Karoun river levels rise, spilling to the cities of Ahvaz and Abadan (below video).


Other parts of Iran are also being overrun by unprecedented floods. Below are videos that show the extent of the devastation in various provinces and cities.  


In the city of Khorramabad, a five story hospital which sits on the banks of the river in Khorramabad, and filled with patients, is being threatened by the deluge, and locals fear for their safety.





To the west of Lorestan province, in Iranian Kuridstan province, cities like Saqqez also saw record rainfall and flooding.



Even the island of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf, where Hassan Rouhani had been vacationing is being pounded by torrential rains and floods. (below video)



Iranians also tweeted videos of interviews with Environmental experts. In the below tweet, one such expert, Mohammad Darvish, explains various issues that have lead up to this crisis and the mismanagement behind it. The English translation of his comments can been viewed below the tweet.

Mohammad Darvish : “Greetings to my dear fellow countrymen. As you are aware, today, March 25, 2019, unfortunately a terrible flood in the old city gates of Shiraz caught the tourists visiting for the Norooz holidays (Iranian New Year was March 20th) by surprise, washing away hundreds of cars and inflicting irreparable damage. This incident is worth noting because it is not the first time such a thing happens in Shiraz’s Darvaazeh Qur’an (The Qur’an Gates). In fact, the road right there, as in the city’s entrance known as Darvaazeh Qur’an, used to be a riverbed that controlled flooding. It took water from the basins known as Qur’an and Sa’adi, whose water would go to the Dry River of Shiraz and from there to Lake Maharloo. A few years ago, city officials installed a pipe in place of the river, and built the road on top of that pipe, thinking that the pipe alone can control the flood. Previously, during the 2000s, there was heavy damage to the area as a result of such ill-considered measures. Back then, many experts in the Center for Basins as well as the Center for Agricultural Research and Natural Resources of Fars Province, warned that this was totally wrong, but no one would listen. Like the flood that overran the city of Qom a few years ago, which I called the “most idiotic flood in the world,” today we witness the same thing happening in Shiraz. Fars Province regularly experiences scarcity of precipitation, and as such, it really needs the current rainfall. Then why should we do something that these rains, instead of making people happy, make them sad and scared? I will soon write more about this issue.”

UPDATE for Tuesday, March 26th

Below : Day two of the battering rains and floods in the historic city of Shiraz, Fars Province


Below: Scenes of the submerged Fazilat bridge in Shiraz


Below: Sa’adi Tunnel in Shiraz flooded out 


Below : Cars underwater on Shiraz’s beltway, Fars Province. Emam Hassan Bridge completely submerged.


Below : Torrential Downpour in Ahvaz in Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzestan


Below : Also in Khuzestan, in the capital city of Dezful 


Below: Cars submerged in Dezful


Below: More destructive downpour in the city of Masjed-Soleiman, Khuzestan province 


Below : Flooding arrives in Mash’had, the capital city in the northeastern province of Khorassan


Below : Historic Bridge Collapses. The 1,000 year old Kashkan bridge in the Kooshan region of Lorestan province, formerly had 12 arches, 3 of which were completely destroyed by the flood.


Below: The historic city of Hamadan, Hamadan Province.


Below: Unprecedented flooding of Chitab River in the central Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province  


Below: Southeast Tehran’s Khavaraan district


Below : Esfahan’s famous Zayandeh-Rud (Zayandeh River) overflowing 


Below : Jabal River Dam in Esfahan Province Overflows


UPDATE for Wednesday, March 27th

Below: A man from the city of Khorramabad stands on the bank of the flooded Kashkan river films the raging flood in his city. He says: “Khamenei, you debauched, Rouhani, you debauched. Khamenei you bastard; if this water rises one more meter, because of the continual rain, what are you going to do? Khamenei, you corrupt punk, you have tools to measure the depth and to properly dig and pave it you corrupt villain. This is Khorramabad.”

It is important to note that the white multi-story building seen in the background, by the river, is the general hospital in the area and residents of Khorramabad have been worried about water levels rising to the point where the building must be evacuated.


UPDATE for Tuesday, March 28th

Below : Flood in the village of Seyed Mohammad Zandeh Kermanshah. The flocks of sheep were caught in the flood and the men and women of the village are working to save the herds.

Below : Landslides on top of cars on roads in the northeastern province of Golestan that has sustained extensive damage. 


Below: A community alderman in the Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province condemns the governor’s incompetence and says: Our farmlands have all been totally submerged.  We’re using combines and loaders, our own equipment to deal with the situation but no one has come to our aid. Neither the governor, nor anyone of his staff has contact us to find out what we need. As the alderman, no matter how hard I try, no one answers our calls or comes to our aid.”