Pro-Houthi figures receive over $200,000 a month in financial support from Iran

An Iranian cell, based in the Iranian embassy in Sanaa, has recently been found to be operating the Houthi terrorist organization. It is working to finance both political figures and members of the media with thousands of dollars in order to spread its poison against the Arab coalition forces. The cell directly supervises a wide network of the Iranian regime’s experts and members of the Lebanese Hezbollah, who are in charge of the administration of the militias.

The pro-Houthi media, party and parliamentary figures receive up to $200,000 per month in financial support from Iran; the most notable among them is the owner of Al-Sahat TV in Yemen. Two years prior to the invasion of Sanaa, the committee funded dozens of sectarian courses for young people and Yemeni activists who received invitations to settle in Beirut for large sums of money. Iran’s manipulation of sanctions by helping insurgents manufacture ballistic missiles inside Yemen, providing ballistic missile engines, manufacturing technology, and providing solid fuel can satisfy the ambitions of the mullahs’ regime to control the Muslim world. What we are dealing with is the Iranian regime’s efforts to impose its control over Yemen and this cannot be tolerated. It is necessary to confront them by every means necessary, given their expansionism in areas of the Arab world, such as Lebanon and Syria.

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