US Embassy in Iraq Calls Out Khamenei’s Corruption


On Thursday, the US embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, posted a statement on their Arabic-language Facebook account concerning the well-known corruption of the Khomeiniist regime, and the huge fortunes the regime’s leaders have acquired for themselves. The post read as follows:

“Corruption is rife in all parts of the #IranianRegime, starting at the top. The possessions of the current Supreme Leader #AliKhamenei alone are estimated at $200 billion, while many people languish in poverty because of the dire economic situation in #Iran after 40 years of rule by the mullahs. #ThecorruptionoftheleadersofIran”

While the embassy’s post cited no sources for the $200 billion figure, a January, 2018, Wall Street Journal article stated that the assets of three institutions controlled by Khamenei, the Executive Headquarters of Imam’s Directive (Setad), the Mostazafan Foundation, and the Astan Qods Razavi trust, add up to that number.

Tehran-backed Iraqi Shia groups, such as the Dawa Party, predictably condemned the American embassy’s posting as “interference,” but Iranian democracy activists saw it as another welcome sign that the US, under the Trump administration, is not going to allow the regime to continue to rob the Iranian people without international censure.


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