Tehran’s Dome Anti-Aircraft System is the cause of Ukrainian Airlines plane crash

The Free Iranian Report

In January 2017, the flight of some drones in Tehran’s restricted area, caused the Islamic regime’s defense ministry to set up anti-aircraft missile systems, such systems exist in most capital cities of the world, such as Israel’s IRON DOME, which can detect and shot down as small projectiles as mortar shells.


Tehran’s anti-aircraft system by the name of SHAHED, which is an amalgamation of Chinese and Iranian technologies was launched in 2017.

This system is able to shut down airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, quadcopters by using SAM 1 and SAM 2 missiles.

Iran attacked two US Military bases on January 8th, using 22 ballistic missiles; considering that the US had threatened that the it responds to any attack immediately, about two hours after the Iranian strike, US fighter jets took off from two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf and flew toward Iranian border.


Definitely, the first Iranian reaction would be activating anti-aircraft systems of Bushehr and Tehran, those systems were activated at 4:25 and 5:45 Am local time without considering the departing flights out of Tehran Khomeini Airport.


The first action in war time should be protecting civilians, Iranian officials were aware that they were going to attack the US Military bases and they knew that there is a possibility of US counter attack, so they should have cancelled all departing flights.

Ultimately the worst thing happened … at 6:12 AM local time, according to eyewitness accounts, a Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine International Airlines was shot down and crashed in flames killing all 176 people on board.

Exactly half an hour after the incident, Iranian officials announced that the cause of the crash was technical failure … a ridiculous statement!!! since they had not found the airliner’s Black Box.

Examining the Black Box takes at least four days …

Iranian officials have also announced that they will not allow Boeing to examine the Black Box.


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