Exposing Qatar’s ties to terrorist networks such as the Muslim brotherhood, the Taliban and the Khomeinist regime in Iran.

The Free Iranian Report

Here is evidence of some of the cooperation between Yemeni Houthis, Qatar and the IRGC Quds force

Qatar, is known for its policy of double-dealing and playing all sides: supporting the Muslim Brotherhood while pledging to Washington to fight terrorism, hosting extremist leaders while hosting the FIFA World Cup, making a cooperation agreement with the UNHCR to support global refugee programs, while abusing the rights of the migrant workers working on the building of the FIFA World Cup stadiums, and so on.
Now, a team of Arab and Yemeni lawyers from a coalition called the Yemen International Peace Team have obtained a document showing Qatar’s financial support for the Houthis rebels known to be steadfast allies of the regime in Tehran and working on their behalf in destabilizing, not only the Arab peninsula, but the entire Arab world. The document, dated January/February 2018, instructs Houthi Ministry of Defense’s aid section that Qatari government has committed to provide Houthi rebels the amount of $120 per month (30,000 Yemeni Rials) each. This confirms the ongoing close ties between Qatar and the Khomeiniist Regime; and that Iran is using Qatari funds to further spread terrorism in the region.

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