More Iranian athletes suffering setbacks as a result of Tehran’s international criminal actions

By The Free Iranian Staff

The Italian embassy in Tehran has refused a visa request for the Iranian kickboxing team to participate in the World Championship 2019 that is being held in Milan.

Mohammad-Saleh Mohammadi-Tehrani, head of the ECKA technical committee, told Iran’s domestic media: “The Iranian kickboxing team was due to head to Milan on Friday, November 8, to participate in the World Championship, but in a surprise decision, the Italian embassy refused to issue visas to all members of the team.

The Italian embassy in Tehran and foreign ministry in Rome have so far declined to comment on the move.

Last month, the United States called on Italy to cooperate in increasing pressure on Iran.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Rome, Italy’s capital in October. During the trip, he urged the Italian authorities to step up pressure on Iran. One of his demands during the trip was to prohibit Mahan Airplanes from landing in Italy.

Later, the Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that the airline’s flights to Italy had been suspended following Pompeo’s recent trip. The Italian newspaper announced December 15, 2019, the date when Mahan’s ban on flights to Italy will cease.

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