Iran’s modern slavery epidemic

By The Free Iranian Staff


While slavery seems to be banned in all countries around the world, there are approximately 46 million slaves around the world. Most of these slaves are women and children. Iran is among the top ten countries with the highest number of slaves in terms of population.

The Global Index of Modern Slavery shows that Iran, North Korea, Equatorial Guinea and Eritrea are among the most notorious countries.

The new report released by the Walk Free Minderoo Foundation has revealed the number of people living in “modern slavery” around the world. This report is about the “World Index of Slavery” today.

“Modern slaves” are persons who due to threats, violence and deception cannot refuse certain work or cannot afford to stop working and are therefore abused. They are not even able to make decisions for their bodies due to exploitation.

According to the report, five percent of victims of “modern slavery” are teenage women and girls. More than three million of these “modern slaves” have been victims of forced and unwanted marriages.

The report also indicates that an estimated 5% of modern slaves are children. Adult male slaves are often forced into forced labor because of financial debt, while women are often exploited for prostitution.

Human trafficking in Iran as a modern-day slavery has skyrocketed at an alarming rate over the past years. In its annual report, the US State Department has listed Iran as one of the countries that do not meet the minimum requirements for effectively countering human trafficking.



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