British Council now banned in Iran

By The Free Iranian Staff


In an effort to isolate as many Iranians as possible from the influences of Western culture, the Islamic regime is also closing the British Cultural Center in Iran. The Ministry of Intelligence warned that any further cooperation with the British Cultural Council (the British Council) would be banned and would be prosecuted.

Britain has not yet responded.

In a statement, the Ministry of Intelligence said in a statement that Tehran “was monitoring British Council’s activity and would act in a timely manner to prevent the operation and realization of the UK’s objectives in networking and infiltration in Iran’s scholastic and academic areas.”

The British Council presents cultural activities around the world, including teaching English and organizing cultural and art exhibitions.

Aras AmiriAras Amiri, a cultural activist and student at Kingston University in the United Kingdom, who has been jailed in Iran since last year, has been charged with “infiltration and espionage” by the Iranian judiciary for collaborating with the British Cultural Council and sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Islamic appeal court. She was also sentenced to a two-year work and travel ban.

Gholamhossein Ismaili, a spokesman for the judiciary, said earlier that Aras Amiri, a political prisoner charged with working with British Cultural Council, had been charged with illegal activities.

The British Concil is said to have been active in Iran under the supervision of the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance.

The Khomeinist regime has repeatedly spoken of the cultural danger posed by Western countries and has continued to target English language teaching in Iranian schools, seeking to deprive Iranians of any contact with advanced Western culture.

One of the goals of the US embassy occupation was to create a severe crisis aimed at removing Iran from the influence of American and other Western cultures.