Another Khomeinist Regime official’s child commits suicide

By The Free Iranian Staff


According to Russian news agency Sputnik, the daughter of the Khomeinist regime’s ambassador to Moscow, committed suicide.

Initially, the Iranian embassy in Moscow denied the reports that the ambassador’s daughter had committed suicide saying it was “not true” and a stroke was the cause of her death.

Then a video was published confirming that Arefeh Sanaei, 28, leapt out of the window of a ninth-floor apartment in Moscow, to her death. She is said to have fallen on top of a Renault, parked in front of the apartment building. REN TV showed the footage from the scene of where Sanaei, had taken her own life.

The video shows the spot where she had landed. According to media reports, she had jumped out of the window of an elite apartment building in Moscow’s Podsosensky Lane. Traces of blood are seen on the pavement, and there is a big dent in the roof of a car nearby. Apparently, Sanaei hit the car as she was falling and died almost instantly.

Another Russian news agency, Interfax, quoted “an informed source” saying that the daughter of the Islamic regime’s ambassador to Moscow had committed suicide, and added that she was suffering from depression. Russian local media also reports that she had arrived in Moscow four months earlier and had only consulted Iranian doctors, not Russians, for her an antidepressant prescription.

As reported on Arefeh Sanai’s own Instagram page, she was raised in Russia and Kazakhstan and was educated in London.

Mehdi Sanaei, the Iranian ambassador to Russia, is the son-in-law of Ali Younessi, the Khatami administration’s Minster of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). Prior to his appointment as Islamic regime’s ambassador to Russia, he was the Islamic regime’s cultural attaché in Kazakhstan and before that, he represented the city of Nahavand, Hamadan Province, in the Eighth Parliament.

Hassan Rouhani’s 18-year-old son, Mohammad committed suicide in 1991. The official line about his suicide was that he suffered from a broken heart yet reports of a suicide note have persisted. The note read: “I loathe your regime, your lies, your corruption, your religion, your hypocrisy and deceit. I am disgusted with having to live in such an environment and have to daily lie to my friend by claiming that my father is not cut from the same cloth as the regime elite and chieftains…and that in reality his heart is with the people, while I know the truth to be otherwise. When I see you kissing the hand of Khamenei, I am nauseated…”



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