The Soul of the Nuke Deal on Terrorist List

By Fred Saberi

Source: The Times of Israel (TOI) Blog


Mohammad Jawad Zarif was fed with the words of Ebrahim Yazdi and the Islamic Associations based in the United States before being fed by the leaders of the “Holy State” in Tehran. The intelligence authorities of the mullahs’ regime are well aware of that fact. Zarif pretends to know the West. But what diplomat in the Middle East will be willing to undertake the heavy burden of the commitments imposed by great and occasionally colonial powers to say “What matters is the soul of the nuclear deal!”

Zarif is certainly aware of the fact that soon the European Union will follow the United States to add the Revolutionary Guards to the terrorist list, just as it extended the sanctions against the Islamic Republic until 2020.

Another important issue to be noted is that, despite the fact that the flood came from the creation of non-specialized dams by the IRGC, they could not even manage the flood. Even the aid by various countries to the Iranian people was not directly handed over to the Islamic regime’s authorities, and was delivered by the Red Cross which is known as the Red Crescent in Iran. This is a manifest sign of the Islamic Republic’s total lack of credibility.

But now we should ask why the Iranian regime is constantly monitored by the US and the West? The answer is clear: the Islamic regime is the main cause of turmoil and insecurity as well as interference in other countries so that it can export its Islamic revolution.

Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani attends a meeting with the IRGC in Tehran. (File photo: AFP)

It is clear to all that the Islamic Republic has, for the past forty years, maintained its support for the terrorist and subversive groups in the Middle East and all over the world, and has squandered the wealth of the Iranian nation on these groups, whether in the form of economic or military assistance. The recent boycott of Ansar Bank and some of its directors and subsidiaries by the US Treasury Department is exactly in that line.

Looking at the recent developments in the Gaza Strip, it is easy to see that the main driver of the terrorist acts in the region, as always, is the Islamist regime in Iran.

Following the same principle, the Islamic regime has officially announced that it has paid seven thousand dollars to the families of the dead fighters overseas. In addition, by assigning direct flights to Venezuela by Mahan Air, which has also been boycotted by the European Union, it has been publicly demonstrated that the Islamist regime is the godfather of global terrorism. That is while the people in Iran are overrun by poverty and flood.

Now, with all these, should the Revolutionary Guards not be placed on the terrorist list? When the Speaker of the Parliament and its members support the Islamic Revolutionary Guards by wearing their uniform, this clearly demonstrates that the Islamist regime is the last survivor of global terrorism, and it proves that what the American government recently did was in support of the Iranian people.


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