The Islamic regime of Iran, The Bermuda Triangle of the Middle East

By Zaman Feyli


During forty years of the Islamic regime’s rule in Iran, countless citizens simply perish on a daily basis; this simple fact proves that Iran under the Islamic regime is like the Bermuda Triangle.

The Islamic regime has never wanted anything more than being depressed, mournful, preoccupied with misery and suffering for Iranian people, while the regime officials and their henchmen live their lavish lives, they constantly propagandize death and death culture.

Every time that the regime is in trouble, they create a mournful atmosphere throughout the country in order to exploit the Iranian people’s sentiments.

Qassem Soleimani, the terrorist commander of Quds Force’s funeral which turned into a shameful and deadly circus is the latest example of how the regime turns every opportunity to sow chaos and confusion among Iranians.

The regime imposes grief-stricken atmosphere on people while less than two months ago they massacred more than 1500 people around the country and labeled them as rioters and seditionists.

The comic-tragic point is that while the Islamic regime fires missiles into Iraq and undermines its sovereignty, again it’s the Iranian people that get killed in Iran, but the regime propaganda apparatus constantly reports of killed American servicemen who were stationed in US Military base in Iraq.


More than seventy people were killed in Qassem Soleimani’s funeral, in a separate incident more than twenty people were killed when a bus crashed into a valley in northern Iran and IRGC shot down a Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737 which was bound for Kiev killing 179 people on board. While they continue the mourning ceremony for the dead terrorists.

The Islamic regime has ruthlessly tried to cover the truth and hide it from the Iranian people and the world, the Islamic regime is in competition with North Korean communist regime in distorting the truth and creating fake news.

The Islamic regime claims that it does not have any proxy forces and that it has slapped the United States by firing missiles into their base in Iraq.

The regime’s propaganda apparatus along with its security and intelligence operatives have always tried to hide the real news and anyone who dares to publish the real news will be arrested and imprisoned.

Every day that goes by more people are sacrificed and this ominous trend continues as long as mullahs are in power. The Islamic regime is a malignant tumor that should be removed.

Such regime is not reformable and trustworthy, and any hope of change of behavior of this regime is doomed.