Protests expand, reaching city of Qom, largest center for Shiʿa scholarship in the world

TheFreeIranian Report 

Qom – Site of the shrine of Fatimeh Masumeh, sister of Imam Reza (789–816 CE). eighth largest city in Iran. It lies 125 km southwest of Tehran.

The weekend of August 4th-5th saw the fifth and sixth continuous days of protests and clashes with Khomeiniist regime security forces across almost all of Iran. Kazeroun, scene of protest civil disobedience earlier this summer, exploded again, and most notably, large demonstrations have started in Qom, a sacred Shia city, home of the largest hawzeh (seminary) in Iran and to many mullahs, and the birthplace of the 1978-79 Khomeiniist “revolution.”

City of Qom

To stop the flow of news and recordings of their human rights abuses, the regime has redoubled their efforts to block the Internet in cities where they are forcefully dispersing protests, and now are even blocking electricity access.




More scenes of security forces attacking protesters 


Iran’s secular democratic opposition leader, Reza Pahlavi, has called on the international media, who have as of yet ignored what is happening in Iran, to report on the Iranian people’s courageous struggle 

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