Partial internet disruption registered in Iran


Network data from the NetBlocks internet observatory confirm disruptions to mobile networks in Iran on the morning of Wednesday, 25 December. The outage has partial impact and is ongoing at the time of writing. Users report service failures in multiple cities, although the extent of the disruptions has not yet been corroborated.

Network data show two distinct falls in connectivity at approximately 6:30 a.m. local time (03:00 UTC) and 8:00 a.m. (04:30 UTC) affecting mobile provider RighTel, Iran’s third licensed mobile network operator. Impact to other providers including fixed-line networks has been reported and is being investigated. Observations are consistent with a targeted disruption and do not appear to be related to any international issue, and users have speculated a possible connection with protests planned for 26 December 2019.


Iran internet


On December 19, Iran was one of several countries to be affected by an international network failure that also caused widespread disruption to Google services and sparked concerns about intentional blocking.


In November, Iran shut down internet access amid widespread public protests.


The November disruptions were introduced through 24 hours culminating in a disconnection of all mobile networks followed by a near-total national internet blackout and partial shutdown of telephony services lasting several days.

During that period, access to limited national services became available for some users as part of the country’s national intranet, or National Information Network.

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