Iranians respond to the German President’s congratulatory note to the Khomeiniist regime, on 40 years of terrorism

ISICRC staff

Shaking hands: The president of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Foto: REUTERS


German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has come under a barrage of criticism for his ill-advised congratulatory note to the Khomeiniist regime on the occasion of their 40th year.

To that end, Iranian activists and patriots have penned the below letter, in order to remind, if not enlighten this European leader who seems to be unaware of Tehran’s activities during the past 40 years.


Your Excellency, the Federal President, Honorable Frank-Walter Steinmeier,

The news that the German head of state, on behalf of honorable German people, expressed genuinely heartfelt congratulation to the theocratic and undemocratic government in Iran, on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, was a bitter slap to the face of the citizens of Iran.

Since 2018, Iranian people have been demonstrating courageously and fearlessly in the streets throughout the country, protesting against the systematic looting of Iran by the inhumane regime of the mullahs. The protesters shouted slogans like:

  • Our enemy is here / they lie when they say America is not the enemy.
  • Not Gaza, not Lebanon / My life belongs to Iran.
  • Leave Syria alone / Worry about us.
  • Stop the embezzlement / solve our problems.
  • Down with the dictator.
  • Down with Khamenei

The daily agenda of the hostile regime in Iran is to use the police force, and the Revolutionary Guards to oppress the citizens of Iran; execute prisoners of conscience for political reasons. Discrimination against minorities and the persecution of gays has been the norm for 40 years. Besides, of concern, the regime is fomenting terrorism and anti-Semitism worldwide, especially about the latter, Mr. President, in view of German history and the atrocities of National Socialism, you should have reconsidered sending the congratulatory telegram to the Mullahs regime!

We hope that soon, the Islamic dictatorial government in Iran will collapse. Because of grave disregard for: human rights, mismanagement of water resources, the endemic corruption, the spread of drug addiction, widespread prostitution, high unemployment, poverty and destitution and the economic incompetence resulting in unstoppable inflation and ever-increasing high prices for cost of living and not being able to provide daily necessity of Iranians. The citizens of Iran will need the help of European states, especially Germany, to overthrow this dictatorship and transform the country into a democracy. The ultimate goal of citizens in Iran is to live in a liberal-secular-democratic country in peace, prosperity and friendly relations with all the liberal democratic nations of the world.

Your Government congratulations on 40 years of the Islamic Revolution were not only bitter but also frustrating for the people of Iran. It raised suspicion that Germany supports the mullahs’ regime in Iran out of economic self-interest and “geopolitical considerations”. However, where terror rules, diplomatic measures should have its limits! Why does Germany and the EU currently have the clear front to support people of Venezuela and for 40 years have deliberately ignored the plight of Iranians against the tyrannical, despotic theocratic regime of mullahs, Mr. President?

It is essential that human values, compassionate grounds take precedence in the background of strategic, short-term interests of the German Government. Therefore, we kindly ask you for a face-to-face meeting to give you a real and unexaggerated account of the political facts and explaining the desperate situation of the Iranian people in the Mullah dictatorship.

Yours Sincerely


– Dr. Bahram Abar, Vorstand der Säkulardemokratische Partei Iran. Germany

– Afshin Afshin Jam, Political and Human Rights advocator, Co-Founder; Peace and Humanity,  Co Founder; “AMIA”, Canada

-Dr. Taghi Alereza, Energy Management Expert and Member of the Board of Trustees, The New Iran, USA

– Djwad Ariana, Political Activist, USA

– Kavos Arjomand, Political Activist, Sweden

– Mahin Arjomand, Human rights activist, Member of Paniranist Party, Germany

– Mehrdad Ashkvari, Col., Political Activist, USA

– Dr. Mohamad Reza Azarpad, Political Activist, Germany

– Vahid Badii, Political Activist, Germany

– Dr. Bahram Bahramian, Professor, University of Maryland, USA

– Hassan Darashti, Political Activist, Germany

– Nik Djafarzadeh, Parlamentary Monarchy, Germany

– Fariba Etemad-Falkhausen, Political Activist, Germany

– Dr. Ali Farazandeh, (Dr.mont.Dipl.Ing), Germany

– Behrooz Farshadfar, Political Activist, The New Iran, Turkey

– Dr. Iman Foroutan, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, The New Iran, USA

– Ebrahim Ganji, Businessman and Member of the Board of Trustees, The New Iran, USA

– Parwiz Hadadizadeh, Member and Administrator of Paniranist Party, USA

– Amil Imani, Political Activist, USA

– Iran National Liberation Front, Iran

– Iranian Lawyers Association, Iran

– Dariush Kalantari, Iranpad, Frankreich, Schweitz und Belgien

– Kurosh Kalhor, Political Activist, USA

– Parsa Keshtirani, Parlamentary Monarchy, Germany

– Esfandyar Khalaf, En Marche (Emmanuel Macron) v Hzb Socialiste Français az 1982 ( PS ) v PSE (Parti Social démocratie Europe, France

– Dr. Hassan Kianzad, Speaker of Paniranist party abroad. Honorary Chairman of The New Iran, Germany

– Faride Kokabi. Political activist, Germany

– Dr. Hooshang Lahooti, University Professor, Australia

– Jahangir Laghaii, Political activist, Germany

– Arash Mahdavi, Director of Civil Disobedience Dept., The New Iran, Norway

– Shahab Mehregan, Political Activist, Sweden

– Babak Monazami, Parlamentary Monarchy, Germany

– Manouchehr Mehrpoujan, Member of the Board of Trustees, The New Iran, Sweden

– Maryam Naderi, Parlamentary Monarchy, Germany

– Nader Moghbelan, Iran Pad, Schweden

– Shahin Nejad, Political Activist, USA

– Farokh Pirnia, Independent political activist, USA

– Nasser Pol, Member and Administrator of Paniranist Party Zoomdialogist, USA

– Javad Rassuli, Environmental Researcher and Political Activist, The New Iran, Switzerland

– Mahmoud Sabouri Yazdi, Col (Ret IIA) Last Deputy Military Attaché from IIA to Washington DC. First and Last Intelligence Liaison Officer from IIA to “US Army Intelligence Center” (Fort Huachuca), USA

– Mehdi Saki, Political Activist, UK

– Behzad Samimi, Political activist, Germany

– Dr. Iraj Shah Velayati, Phycologist, The New Iran, USA

– Parwiz Zafari, Former Member of Parliament. Member and Former Deputy Party Chairman of the Paniranist Party. USA

– Parviz Zahed, Bioing., memeber of Secular Democrat Party Iran, Germany

– Parviz Zarghami, Political aktivist, , USA

– Mehdi Zolfeghari, Political aktivist, USA