Abadan’s Petrochemical & Oil Refinery Explosion & Fire

The Free Iranian Report


An explosion that lead to a fire at Abadan oil refinery has killed one person and injured 18. The injured workers were transferred to a nearby hospital.

The explosion occurred at midnight on June 27 at the Abadan petrochemical complex caught fire at midnight on June 27. The Khomeiniist regime media outlets continue to claim the cause of the incident to be undetermined.

The Abadan oil refinery is Iran’s oldest crude processing facility in oil-rich Khuzestan Province.

Damage to the plant at Abadan, where gasoline and various other fuels derived from crude oil, is not expected to impact Iran oil exports.

Iran’s now old petroleum facilities, where fires and other accidents are now occurring more and more, have been hit hard by years of neglect and upgrading due to the Khomeiniist regime’s mismanagement.

In October a fire at an oil rig in southern Iran killed four workers, just days after another fire at an oil refinery killed seven.



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