A season of choosing, the Iranian people and the Islamic regime

By Zaman Feyli


The henchmen of Ali Khamenei, the self-declared leader of the Islamic regime in Iran, follow his malarkey as the final word and impose them on the Iranian people.

Ali Khamenei who regards himself as expert on every issue, never answers to the Iranian people. He interferes in the most private matters of the people, the sudden mandated fuel price increase of 50 percent and fuel rationing program at the behest of Khamenei, further proves that there is no such thing as rule of law or parliament in the Islamic regime and all the state institutions act at the disposal of the regime’s highest echelon.


Ali Khamenei and his inner sanctum come up with decisions and propositions about various affairs of the country and order the state institutions to enact them.

Usually after imposing his ideas, the Islamic regime’s leader disowns them so as to play innocent or unaware in case things go wrong.

The hike in gas price is his latest expert opinion, about which he said: He has no expertise or knowledge about gas prices.

Following the massive protests of Iranian people that started in late November, the Islamic regime’s henchmen gunned down the protesters and killed many people. Now the Islamic regime tries hard to cover the “crime against humanity” by shutting down the internet and creating and broadcasting fake reports about the true nature of the protests.

The regime officials have resorted to their Modus Operandi , which is broadcasting fake TV reports and confessions to justify their indiscriminate and violent crackdown.

Eyewitness reports from different parts of Iran prove that the regime has used convicted criminals to crush the protests and create an atmosphere of fear among people.

What is clear is that the Islamic regime has effectively lost its legitimacy, and it’s obvious to the international community that most of the Iranians do not want this regime and the regime lives through iron fist.

The Iranian society was ripe for protests against the regime for a long time and the sudden hike in fuel price, which was designed to increase the regime’s revenue, provided the opportunity for the people to show their contempt for the regime.

The importance of the November uprising is that the regime’s violence and fear mongering will not come to their help anymore; by looking at the victims of the protests, one can easily fathom that the Iranian youth long for a system of government other than the current regime.

The Islamic regime has always taken pains to suppress and control the people’s demands, but their doctrine has failed and Iranians from every walk of society demand their inalienable rights without the Islamic regime.

The regime is fearful these days and declares that they have quelled the uprising, but the truth is that the clock is ticking against the mullahs; they have not even dared to fully restore the internet for the fear that a new wave of protests start again.

Finally, the Iranian people have demonstrated that they don’t want this regime and they are trying hard to regain their country.


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