A Member of Majles: “We Have 130 Thousand Addicted Students”


Hosein Tala, member of the social commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majles) has reported of 130 thousand “addicted” students on the benches of schools.

As this MP has said 130 thousand students who are now studying at schools in Iran are considered as the “constant users” of narcotics.

As he’s said there are no statistics about the students who use narcotics only for pleasure or entertainment, otherwise the number will increase. Mr. Tala announced the statistics while as he said the authorities of the ministry of education do not confirm the mentioned statistics. This Member of Parliament asked the authorities of the ministry to report the information with a realistic view because by increasing the numbers of addicts at schools, people’s trust in schools will diminish.

Meanwhile, in July of 2015 an official of the ministry of education had said: “it has been years that this ministry accepted the danger of addiction”.


Mansour Kiayee, the director general of the office of protection against social harms had said to the ISNA news agency at that time: “most of the statistics are not precise statistics to sum up about addiction”.

Mr. Kiayee had emphasized: “We don’t want to hide or deny, but technically we don’t agree with using the word addiction for this society”.


In November of 2015, Shahindokht Molaverdi, the deputy of the president in the affairs of women and families had announced the average age of addiction for girls as 13 years old.

In October of 2015 the Islamic Republic newspaper had reported “one percent of the students have the experience of using drugs”.

In recent years, many of government authorities and MPs have warned about the low age of addiction in the country.

Alireza Jazini the deputy of the director general of the staff for fighting narcotic drugs has said about this: “0.4 percent of students in Iran use glass”.

The statistics about users of drugs among the Iranian students vary and the ministry of education refrains from releasing its exact statistics about this.

The change of the pattern of usage of drugs among the students from heroin and opium to glass and crack has worried the activists in the field of education more than before.