91 Days in Prison and 74 Lashes for Sa’id Zeinali’s Father



91 days in prison and 74 lashes is the sentence of a man with white hair who has been searching for his son for 16 years; exactly since July of 1999 and when after the incidents of the university dormitory, they came to his house and took his son. Ever since wherever he goes, he has a framed photo of a young boy at the margin of which is written: “Why doesn’t anybody hear me? I want my Sa’id…. Where is my Sa’id”

“Hashem Zeinali” Sa’id Zeinali’s father yesterday received his first instance court verdict and was sentenced to 91 days in prison and 74 lashes. His charge is “participating in an illegal gathering” and in the verdict it’s written: “disturbing the public by clamor and participating in an illegal gathering in support of the convicted defendant, the leader of the Cosmic Mysticism sect, meaning that the defendants in support of the leader of the Cosmic Mysticism sect embarked upon taking part in the illegal gathering in front of Evin prison on 21/11/2015”.
Hashem Zeinali was arrested on 21st of November, 2015 at a gathering in front of Evin prison together with another group of political prisoner’s families and the supporters of “Mohammad Ali Taheri”.


“Akram Neghabi” Sa’id Zeinali’s mother in a talk with Iran Wire says: “He’s stated in the court that he doesn’t have any information about Mr. Taheri and he is only looking for Sa’id but still his charge in the verdict was mentioned as taking part in gathering in support of Mr. Taheri. We respect Mr Taheri’s belief as a human, but we didn’t have information about his thoughts and we have only been following up Sa’id’s destiny. On the day of arrest, the families of political prisoners had a gathering and the supporters of Mr. Taheri were beside us and the arrests took place together. But the same day they separated Sa’id’s father and “Mr. Reza Malek” from the supporters of Mr. Taheri.”

These two were arrested by the Intelligence Service of the Army of Guardians and spent a while in 2A cell: “For 6 days they didn’t give us any information about him and no organ took responsibility for his detention. But when they saw my follow ups they said that he was arrested by the Intelligence Service of the Army and is in cell 2A.”

Akram Neghabi during the 6 days of having no information about her husband has reviewed the 16 years of waiting for her son, too: “It’s been 16 years that we went wherever you think, and wrote letters to whoever we should have, but we’ve received no answer to tell me where my son is. Not long ago they asked us why we talked with foreign media. There was a media fair and I went to talk with an internal medium, but my talks were never published. Only one of the reporters had asked “Mr. Mohseni Eje’I” about Sa’id and he answered that there was no evidence confirming that Sa’id was arrested and there might be some missing people. To prove Sa’id’s detention, they ask us for proof and evidence! To prove the detention for which political prisoner do they give any written document and proof to his family? They pretend as if they hadn’t taken my 23 year old son in front of my eyes.”


Sa’id contacted his family only once: “Two or three months after detention, he contacted and said he was ok and asked us to follow up. We are still following it up, but we have received no answer. We have only one question: Where is our Sa’id?”

This is the same question for which Sa’id’s father was sentenced in the court: In the court Sa’id’s father said; “I am looking for my son’s destiny and I will be looking for this as long as I am alive, and even if you execute me I won’t stop.”

Hashem Zeinali was the employee of the Ministry of Industries but a few months after his son’s detention the security office of the Ministry asked him to end his work and he had to ask for redundancy after 28 years and six months service.

Sa’id’s mother says: “which wise person asks for redundancy after 28 years of service, unless there is an obligation.”

“Mohammad Moghimi” the lawyer of the family is going to object to the sentence issued for Hashem Zeinali: “They gave 20 days time to appeal the sentence but in case of a final judgment of definite conviction he and I will go to the Judiciary and will stay there to take 37 lashes each. If the answer to parents is the lash, we are ready to take.”