Fourteen Iranian civil society & political activists inside Iran, publish an open letter to the people of Iran


Fourteen Iranian civil society/political activists, living inside the country, have published an open letter addressed to the people of Iran. The letter demands that the Islamic Regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, steps down, and calls him the cause of the rampant plunder of Iran. They add that not only has any attempt to improve upon Iran’s utter predicament failed, under his watch, Iran has become worse for decade after decade.

Below is the full translated text of this letter:


Fellow Compatriot!

For many years, many of the best social, cultural, and civil rights activists have peacefully protested, hoping for essential improvements and fundamental changes in the Islamic Republic’s social and political system and structure.

With foresight and formative remarks and analysis, these caring and patriotic individuals have continued to call on the authorities to respect the people’s vote, and the rights of the citizens, in order to change the authorities’ methods, which have been far-removed from of any of the Iranian people’s demands.

Knowledgeable Iranians have also called on the authorities to purge the corrupt and ineffective underpinnings from the Islamic Regime; to adopt and profit from democratic patterns, and avoid the reactionaryism and devastation unleashed by Seyyed Ali Khamenei and his commanders. Alas however!

During these ruinous years, our country’s patriots repeatedly tried to benevolently prevent the leaders of the Islamic Republic, and in particular Seyyed Ali Khamenei, from undertaking destructive pilfering and behaving lawlessly, but unfortunately, they have been viciously seized and clandestinely imprisoned, killed, or seriously harmed!

The terrible history of the past forty years has shown that not only is there no intention of addressing the Iranian people’s needs, but the ruling system also insists on remaining irreformable, continuing on with its criminality and despotism!

The modification and expansion of Article 110, and the extension of the scope of the powers of authority in Articles 112 and 113, and even the prevention of the request for revising those laws, are in accordance with principles 176 and 177 of the Constitution.

For example, the two executive and legislative branches are supposed to be elected by the people, while under the same authority and without legitimate leadership; this includes the appointment of the malleable Guardian Council. The Islamic Parliamentary (Majles) election is also subject to the decrees of the Supreme Leader, and all members and officials of this council are there to guard and maintain the power of that leader!

According to a letter, the president wanted to increase his powers, and parliamentarians explicitly acknowledged: “It is not just the president who does not have that authority; no one actually does.”

We believe that all evidence shows that the president and parliamentarians are nothing more than procurers, and that apparently the people, without having the opportunity to choose their country’s dignitaries, only have the choice of officials who are putty in the hands of the Supreme Leader!

By this description, contrary to the definition of the first constitution, this system is not a “republic,” nor is there any freedom! Because not only are the people excluded from electing the heads of state, parliamentarians, and other key institutions of the country, but all the “bargaining” of civil society activists, who are attempting to obtain the resignation of Seyyed Ali Khamenei and the revising of the constitution, – especially Article 177 – has obtained no results!

Consequently, all the principles and chapters that appear “popular,” like chapter three of the constitution which culminates in the rights of the nation, are forsaken and buried deep in the pockets of the rulers.

We live in a country that is rich in natural resources and human resources, all of which are in decline.

The signatories of this statement have come to the conclusion that compassionate people, activists, and scholars must put aside their exclusionary intentions, which have brought about the destruction of the culture, civilization and wealth of the country; they should then explicitly step into the arena and demand seminal changes to the constitution, and the resignation of a leader who is daily increasing his absolute powers, in order to be the harbingers of this national movement.

Perhaps by these efforts, we can establish a country for Iranians that does not require arbitrary votes and the opinions of individuals, a custom-made parliament, an out-of-control government, and an abettor Judiciary.

This is a national and integrated movement that goes beyond factionalism. We expect our patriotic and freedom-loving compatriots to look at historical and contemporary imperatives, and go beyond any self-interest, political, or group conflict, and join us.

We, the signatories of this statement, in a spirit of national action, present this to the people of Iran and hope that all of us, together, can rise and consciously declare that we will surmount this systematic and irresponsible tyranny.

Here’s hoping for the liberation of the people of Iran!

  1. Zartosht Ahmadi-Ragheb
  2. Mohammad-Reza Bayat
  3. Kamal Jafari-Yazdi
  4. Hashim Khaastaar
  5. Mohammad-Hossein Sepehri
  6. Gohar Eshghi (Mother of Sattar Beheshti, a blogger killed while under torture in prison)
  7. Huriya Farajzadeh (sister of Shahram Farajzadeh, who was killed during the 2009 protests)
  8. Mohammad Karimbeigi
  9. Javaad Lal-Mohammadi
  10. Mohammad Maleki
  11. Mohammad Mahdavifar
  12. Reza Mehregan
  13. Mohammad Nourizad
  14. Abbas Vahedian-Shahroudi